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The Windows Vista and Windows 7 Disk Defragmenter is a lackluster little utility which inspires minimal confidence in the user. Microsoft seems to have taken a step backwards from Windows XP, which in itself had a fairly unimpressive defrag utility. The XP Defrag had a minimalist user interface and very few options. But at least it gave the user some sense of what it might be doing. In Vista/7, the new defag utility, shown below, offers no user cues at all. It does permit scheduling, something which can be done easily enough from the command line.

Forums across the internet were always full of complaints about many things in Windows Vista, but few inspire such surprise and dismay as the new defrag implementation. Even the MSDN forum at microsoft.com voices plenty of complaints about this!
Fortunately for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and XP users alike Rose City Software has created its new flagship utility, DiskMagik. With a spectacular user interface and plenty of great options and user cues, DiskMagik also allows the user to schedule synch jobs using the Windows Scheduler without the need to run another utility in the background. But DiskMagik goes a giant step further with our exclusive proactive defragmentation feature.

Download a copy of DiskMagik now and try it for yourself. You can only improve your PC's performance!

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